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no no

this is no joking matter i was tang'd once on the set of tv's the edge

i couldnt eat solid foods for hours :(

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The Duck Song The Duck Song

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EROTIC_NINNY: i have to go now. walker texas ranger is on television

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BigBadAl responds:

BTW, Dave here was the guy with the bread and owner of the site I made this shit for. Now you know!

Monkey Spank Monkey Spank

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omg l33t



Your mom's Fat Your mom's Fat

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chris creasy ladies and gentlemen...


great toon you gimpy fagot.

Super happy fun circus!!! Super happy fun circus!!!

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who ever made this is obviously a homosexual

i mean just watch this movie, the whole thing just screams "i am a man, and i am attracted to other men".


hey, you idiot homophobes, please choke on your own spit when you sleep tonight. thanks in advance.

grade a film. 5 stars.

Secret Jiang Tape Secret Jiang Tape

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ba ha ha ha ha

thats funny.
good stuff.
that last guy has a point.
dont listen to any idiot who calls you racist AND a faggot.

Yasasuke-san Yasasuke-san

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thats funny.
and i like it.
and thats pretty funny that that one kid sucks at soccer.

How to Enlarge your Penis How to Enlarge your Penis

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clap clap clap

edmund, you amaze and astonish again and again. the graphics were top notch, the music was perfect and the idea . . . well only you could of thought of that. i came here to be disturbed, and disturbed i am. good show, old bean. i am also enjoying reading these reviews, i especially enjoy the ones that call you gay for making a movie with a penis in it, thats some funny shit. i really pity you people. i really do.

Corporate Puppet Corporate Puppet

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Well that was mighty good.

Finally someone pulls off a death scene in Flash. Not to dump on your wonderful peice, but it would have been a nice touch to have him smile as it faded out. But don't change a thing, that was inspiring.

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Happy-lanD Happy-lanD

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I doubt it was your intention, but you made a few of us really confused. I know I was expecting those happy little guys to blow up, or at least get shot. But they didn't. kudos to you for a suprising change.